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Five reasons the grown up guy needs a variety of eye wear

Spending your youth experimenting with your style is a great idea …when you’re young. But once you’re a real ‘adult’ making a statement with your clothes for all the wrong reasons isn’t as cute as it once was. Sometimes it’s hard to get it right – even Prince Harry has failed on that front, and he had an army of wardrobe consultants behind him. To make sure this doesn’t happen to you, this handy guide will usher you through all occasions of life, so you’ll never get it wrong again.

A key factor that doesn’t get anywhere near the attention that it should is choosing the right eye wear. Don’t underestimate the power of a great pair of prescription glasses to finish your look. Perfect frames will take you from stylish to stand-out in an instant.

  1. When you're at work

    Whatever your occupation, you want to make sure you appear professional. Unless you have a specific uniform, try for a sharp tailored suit. Make sure it fits you well, and have it adjusted at a tailor to ensure it does.

    You’ll need good glasses for when you’re in the office, in front of your computer and at meetings. You’ll also need a smart pair of sunnies to take you from the office to client meetings and lunches. Full rimmed frames work well for work because they make a statement. If you’re seeking a more academic look, or need to wear your glasses for longer periods, rimless frames are ideal.

  2. On the weekend

    This is where you can be yourself and have the freedom to dress for your personality. For leisure wear be sure to spend on some investment pieces. We tend to spend the lion’s share of our clothing budget on work suits and then choose cheaper items for the weekend. A couple of smart pairs of jeans or chinos will see you through all variety of weekend outings, as will a good shirt, and a smart pair of casual shoes.

    Eye wear for the weekend most definitely requires more than one pair. You may find that you wear reading glasses less on the weekend, than when you’re at work. But you’ll need a good all-round pair of driving glasses. Sunnies are essential weekend wear, as even in the winter, combine a cloudy sky with a burst of sunshine, and the glare can be terrible. If your glasses are prescription, it’s worth investing in a pair of prescription sunnies for those al fresco dining get-togethers – nothing worse than not being able to read the menu and getting blinded by the sun at the same time. A semi-rimless frame for one set of your weekend frames offers definition, with plenty of colour options.

  3. Celebrating special occasions

    Depending on the occasion, you can’t go wrong with a well-fitted statement suit. Don’t be tempted to default to your work-wear glasses because they are more conservative; you can still show your personality sipping champagne at a wedding. Special occasions are usually fueled by happy times (think birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, engagements) so be brave and go with a statement pair of glasses. Leave your work frames at home (or work), but don’t forget your polarised prescription sunglasses in case your celebrations include afternoon cocktails over the water.

    Polarising blocks out the glare, trust us – once you get a polarised pair, you’ll never go back.

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  5. Away on holidays

    This is when you are in your element – you can truly relax, enjoy the slow pace of life: late breakfasts, long walks, reading all day on the beach, and plenty of dinners out. If there is one time where you don’t want to be restricted by only having one set of glasses, your holiday is the one. Half-eye frames are ideal for holidays – you can wear them while you read by the pool and there’s no need to change glasses if you just feel like people-watching. You’ll be able to do both without the hassle of chopping and changing.

    Most holidays include some element of water activity, be it by the pool or on the beach, a boat ride, a hike through mountains to an inland lake. Don’t be caught out by not bringing appropriate sunglasses. Sun protection lens options are great for these types of activities – you’ll protect your eyes from reflective glare and still be able to enjoy the glorious scenery.

  6. And just because

    Choice is a good thing. No doubt you have more than one pair of shoes. You choose the pair that suits the occasion, or your mood, or how comfortable you want to be. The same goes for all your other items of clothes. As humans we enjoy having choices. Eye wear is no different. Moods change, occasions can be very specific. What you feel like wearing today, is likely not to appeal to you tomorrow. It’s great to have a go-to pair, but changing things up will keep you looking fresh and on-trend. Even if you’re not that fashion conscious, it’s sensible to have a spare pair; a backup in case you forget them or if you lose them.

    Having only one pair of glasses is limiting and impractical. Our modern lives are so busy, keeping a pair in the car and pair at work will help keep things simple. There are myriad styles of frames so you can easily choose a couple of pairs that will see you through work and play. Choose the material of your frames depending on your lifestyle. Titanium is the toughest material around and perfect for an active lifestyle, Aluminium is perfect if you live in a warm humid climate. Ultraflex metal is strong and sturdy so is handy for an all-round pair.

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